Ignition / AssetBank

Namespace Playniax.Ignition.Framework

Class or component can be found in Assets/Playniax/Ignition/Framework/Scripts/AssetBank.cs

Class AssetBank


AssetBank allows you to allocate assets and 'Load' or 'Get' them at will.
The ScrollBox uses the AssetBank to load images and fonts for example.
Without adding the images or fonts to the AssetBank the scrollbox can not address them.

Public fieldsDescription
Object[] assetsVariable to store assets.

Public MethodsDescription
Object Get(string name)Returns Object by name.
Font GetFont(string name)Returns Font by name.
Image GetImage(string name)Returns Image by name.
Texture2D GetTexture2D(string name)Returns Texture2D by name.
Sprite GetSprite(string name)Returns Sprite by name.
TextAsset GetTextAsset(string name)Returns TextAsset by name.